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Wheel spacers are a relatively simple and affordable modification that can have a huge impact on your car. They are designed to change the offset of your wheels, giving you more freedom to customize the look of your car. Additionally, wheel spacers can also help improve handling and increase safety, making them an essential part of any car enthusiast’s toolkit. In this blog post, we will be discussing the benefits of wheel spacers in cars, as well as how to select the right wheel spacer for your vehicle. So, if you’ve been thinking about adding wheel spacers to your car but aren’t sure what they do or where to start, this article is perfect for you!

Introducing wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are devices that are installed between the wheel and the axle hub. They create additional space between the wheel and the hub, which allows for improved tire clearance and a wider stance. Wheel spacers can also be used to adjust the offset of the wheels, which can improve handling characteristics.

Why use wheel spacers?

There are a few reasons why you might want to use wheel spacers in your car. One reason is that it can help you to get a wider stance, which can improve handling and stability. Another reason is that it can help to clear up any suspension or brake components that might be rubbing on the inside of your wheel well. Additionally, wheel spacers can help to give your car a more aggressive look by pushing out the wheels slightly.

How to install wheel spacers

If your car is not sitting level, or the wheels seem to be sticking out too far, you may need to install wheel spacers. Wheel spacers create additional space between the wheel and the hub, which can help with both of these problems. Many newer cars come with wheel spacers already installed, but if yours does not, here is how you can install them:

1. Jack up your car so that the wheels are off the ground. This will make it easier to work on them.
2. Remove the lug nuts from the wheels using a wrench or socket.
3. Take the wheel off of the car by hand. 4. Place the spacer between the wheel and the hub. Make sure that it is centered before moving on to the next step.
5. Put the wheel back on and screw on the lug nuts by hand until they are tight enough that they will not fall off when you lower the car down. 6. Use your wrench or socket to tighten them even further. 7. Lower your car down and take it for a test drive to make sure everything feels normal before fully tightening all of the lug nuts

What are the risks of using wheel spacers?

There are several risks associated with using wheel spacers in cars. If not installed correctly, wheel spacers can cause the wheels to become misaligned, which can lead to unsafe driving conditions. Additionally, wheel spacers can also cause premature wear and tear on your car's suspension and steering components. Finally, if you use too much space between your wheels and the ground, your car may become unstable and more difficult to control.

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