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The purpose of a turbocharger is to compress the air that enters the engine. This allows for more air to enter the engine, which in turn produces more power. Compressing air creates heat, so the air that enters the engine is hotter than the ambient air temperature. This can cause pre-ignition and k ...Read More
asked Dec 6, 2022 by Lula
A v6 engine simply means an engine with 6 cylinders and 6 pistons which are arranged in two lines. A cylinder is the vacuum in which the piston travels so each cylinder has to be paired with a piston. Although it commonly has 6 plugs, a v6 engine can sport more or less than 6 plugs. The v in v6 stan ...Read More
asked Sep 15, 2022 by anonymous
asked Dec 3, 2022 by foryourmind
The gas station fuel dispenser uses a combination of sensors and algorithms to determine when a car's tank is full. The sensors include an ultrasonic sensor and a pressure sensor. The ultrasonic sensor emits sound waves that bounce off the bottom of the car's gas tank. The pressure sensor measures t ...Read More
asked Dec 13, 2022 by somtoo (659k points)
This article will answer the question, is Adolf Hitler the founder of Volkswagen? The article has a breakdown of the connections between both companies and their products.What is Volkswagen?Volkswagen is a German automobile and diesel engine manufacturer, founded in 1938 by the Nazi party as an atte ...Read More
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