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My Facebook life is boring and I need to get more friends and followers. How do I do that?

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What I'm going to say could be unconventional but it would work.

Change Your Facebook Gender.
If you are a male – as males usually don’t get much friend requests from fellow males- change your Facebook name to look like a female’s. Upload your sister or girlfriend’s photo as your profile picture. Now, the friend requests will pour in, as everyone will like to say ‘hello’ to our new little miss.


Comment and comment

Yes! Comment on other people’s Facebook updates, pictures, videos, etc. This brings more exposure to your profile as more and more people will see your profile across their friends’ updates.

Join Friend Seeking interest groups and pages

Like or join those pages and groups whose main objective is to increase people’s Facebook friends. An example of such groups is this.

Ask For Friends On Celebrity Pages.

For example, when popular figures like Beyoncé or Obama posts on Facebook, ask fellow fans to “Add me”.

Did you know that Facebook forms the concrete ground on which a lot of social media marketing strategies have held their foot and flourished? A healthy and growing number of Facebook followers can help increase your visibility, build retargeting ads that win, and create brand recognition.

On social media platforms, the follower count that you have gives you an idea about your brand’s awareness and reach. That is why it is important to gain followers for brands in time. One important factor in maintaining followers would be maintaining consistency in posting content on social media. Only a social media scheduler can help you achieve that consistency. So think of incorporating it into your strategy.
Now comes the question of how exactly would you gain followers? We know that buying them is not the wisest choice and it is not recommended at all. Buying Facebook followers would almost never result in actual engagement. So, you should look at ways to gain followers organically. We have enlisted 15 ways through which you can increase Facebook followers and likes.

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