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I'm trying to begin my website. What is the hosting website I can use?

3 Answers

Sometimes we just ask: Where are popular websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo hosted? The truth is that most of these popular websites are hosted on their own private web servers, but we know for sure that if such websites did not start their respective journeys with reliable and quality hosting, they wouldn’t be at the very top by now. 
Before choosing a web host, one must gauge the reliability, service uptime, server speed, support, backup, among other things.
So here are the best web hosting providers I can count on when it comes to Web Hosting aka Shared-Server Hosting or simply, Shared Hosting.


-Fastest growing web hosting company in recent years.
-Fast and friendly customer support.
-Cheap hosting plans.
-Hostgator loves new technology, they always go with the latest hardware.
-Trusted service for over 6,000,000 domains.
note: Use the coupon code THEBESTFREEHOSTING to get Hostgator hosting for only $0.01 in the first month.
THEBESTCHEAPHOSTING – 25% off Hostgator hosting payment.


-One of the most respected (hosting) companies in the world.
-Well experienced customer support. Support responses are made only by humans.
-Lightening-speed fast servers.
-Eco friendly industry – BlueHost hosting is powered by wind energy, thus helping to reduce global warming and shortage of fuel.


-Provides a relatively affordable and easy hosting platform.
-Quick, active customer care.
-Hosting24 runs the best free webhost – 000webhost – to sample it’s real hosting power.


-Godaddy’s hosting services are very cheap.
-Their plans are clarified and their business is understandable.
-Godaddy respects your privacy and security(I too can testify to that).




- Namecheap
I can say with my personal experience that Hostinger is the best option .

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